About Us

About healthy mama ®

Finally, a complete brand of over-the-counter remedies developed to provide pregnant and nursing women with the safest* solutions to their common ailments. healthy mama ® is a revolutionary, first to market brand that provides health and wellness, convenience and peace of mind.

Founded by Rachel Katz-Galatt, mother of two, who during her first pregnancy experienced immense confusion, frustration and anxiety with the process of selecting over the counter (OTC) products for her ailments (boy, did she have a lot!). After not receiving a call back from her OB/GYN, she resorted to the internet for a solution and mistakenly selected a remedy that was later deemed not safe during pregnancy. In fact, the product was cited to cause pre-term labor. She decided there had to be a better way and has made it her mission to help other mothers have the safest, most worry free pregnancies possible. The truth is, she wasn’t the mastermind of the initial idea, her husband, David was (and he will be sure you know that it was his idea!). While sifting through the aisles trying to find an acceptable remedy for one of Rachel’s many ailments, David blurted out “ I can’t believe there is not a brand specifically for pregnant and nursing women!”. Rachel remembers looking up at him with surprise and shock and saying, uh, yeah! and the light bulb went off (as bright as it could possibly go). And the rest is history! She was determined to create something that had a positive impact on the lives of so many people. It has become her mission to help eliminate preterm labor and do her part to help women have full term healthy pregnancies.

After further research, it was discovered that a review of “safe” medication lists on the internet revealed that 22 products classified as “safe” on one or more websites, were also classified as “unsafe” by one or more other sites.

So what have we done? In short, we have done the work for you (with the exception of speaking with your healthcare provider). In addition to having all your product needs under one brand, we are advocating with retailers for shelf space designated specifically for prenatal care so all your products will sit on one shelf together. Doesn’t that sound good? The American Pregnancy Association is on board with us to accomplish this mission.

Another reason driving the healthy mama ® brand to market is Rachael’s determination to give back.  She delivered her oldest daughter, Mia,18 weeks prematurely and spent five months in the hospital watching her fight for her life. She waited and waited for her to be strong enough to come home. Rachel would like to help other women avoid this plight and will partner with organizations that have the same mission of helping moms deliver full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.


healthy mama ®, Healthy Mission

  1. To provide pregnant and nursing women one brand of the safest* remedies to help her experience a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy: be her “go-to” solution!
  2. Advocate for a new category of business on retail shelves; prenatal care to help simplify her shopping experience.
  3. Produce all products in the USA.
  4. Be socially responsible in all that healthy mama ® does by partnering with like- minded people who think green.
  5. Give back to the causes that are near and dear to our hearts; helping her reach full term healthy pregnancies.
  6. Build a community of pregnant and nursing women; emotionally engage.

* No medication is considered 100% safe during pregnancy and nursing


Our Healthy Promise

healthy mama ® is committed to providing the best solutions to pregnancy and nursing ailments.  We want to ensure that no one unnecessarily suffers through pregnancy or nursing with uncomfortable ailments.  By consulting their medical advisory board and other authorities on pre and post-natal medicine safety, healthy mama ® has developed a portfolio of products to help alleviate her common ailments. Whenever possible, our products are dye free, all natural and utilize the most green packaging options and partners whenever and wherever possible.  We only produce our products in the U.S.A to ensure safety.



Our Healthy Social Status

healthy mama ® is a socially responsible company. We are committed to having the smallest carbon foot print on our environment as possible. We work with vendors that think this way too. We worked hard to make our cartons 15% post consumer recycled materials and are derived from sustainable sources. Our bottles are recyclable and we encourage you to recycle if it is available in your community.