Our Team

The healthy mama® team is a small, but mighty group. We are passionate about our mission and strive to bring you products to make your pregnancy healthy and happy. Our core values lead us to building with heart and passion. We really care about what we’re making and who we’re making it for. It’s a mission, not just a job.

Members of the healthy mama® team include:

Founder/Chief Executive Mama

Rachel Katz Galatt

Like many of you, I’m a mom and like you, I also didn’t know what I didn’t know. What surprised me the most during my pregnancy was that there was not a prenatal category at my pharmacy that helped simplify my experience.

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I became a statistic taking a medicine that was truly not deemed safe. It has become my mission to create this special home on the retail shelf so that not one more woman experiences the confusion and frustration, downright neglectful plight that I experienced. We want healthy mama® brand to be a resource to provide convenience and peace of mind during such a happy milestone. We want to empower you to have a safer, happier and ultimately healthier pregnancy!

I have been a brand developer since graduating with my MBA almost 18 years ago and have worked on many large brands. I love gardening (pulling weeds that is!) and working out. I also love cooking and eating (for that reason working out is a must!) I live in New Jersey with my husband, David, and two beautiful daughters, Mia and Zoë.


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Debbie Rothenberg

Debbie joined healthy mama® in 2013 and is passionate about our mission.

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After earning her MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, she worked in pharmaceutical marketing and business development. When she’s not working, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and shuffling her son and daughter to activities (you mama’s know the drill!).

Business Development

Lainie Zwecher

When Lainie heard about the healthy mama® mission, she couldn’t wait to join the team.

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After earning her MBA from Fordham Business School, she worked in finance & banking before ending up at a branding boutique in NYC. When she’s not working, Lainie enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  She also loves to lounge on a beach hammock with a good book and glass of wine (ha ha, she has 3 kids, but she can dream!).