Boost It Up! Mango Pregnancy Energy Drink

boost it up

Need a pick me up when a nap is not a possibility? While you’re pregnant or nursing, coffee or energy drinks may be no-nos, Enjoy an all natural lift with Boost It Up!, the expert developed energy and anti-nausea drink that’s rich in protein, B-vitamins, ginger, fiber and electrolytes. It’s lightly sweetened to be refreshing, hydrating and helps quell the queasies too, really!  Boost It Up! all natural pregnancy energy drink.


  • Protein- 7 g: the building blocks of your body’s cells and of your baby’s too!
  • B-Vitamins- supports optimal energy*
  • Ginger-250 mg: reduces nausea**
  • Electrolytes- hydrates and reduces leg cramping
  • Fiber-3 gm supports healthy digestion

*Directions: Shake Well and Drink cold for optimal refreshment. Enjoy (you deserve it!).Refrigerate after opening.

$3.49, 12 fl oz
$37.69 / case (10% savings)

Questions About
boost it up

How will Boost It Up! provide more energy and prevent nausea? What other benefits will I receive from it?

Boost It Up! is rich in B-vitamins to support optimal energy and ginger to reduce nausea.  It also contains electrolytes to hydrate and eliminate leg cramping, protein to build your body’s and your baby’s cells and fiber to support healthy digestional health.

Is Boost It Up! safe to drink during pregnancy?

Yes, Boost It Up! was developed in collaboration with a leading OBGYN and Prenatal nutritionists and is safe to drink during pregnancy.

Does Boost It Up! contain caffeine?

No, Boost It Up! is caffeine free.

Does Boost It Up! taste good?

Yes, Boost It Up! tastes delicious and leave you feeling refreshed.

Are there any side effects to Boost It Up!?

You will feel energized after drinking Boost It Up! and should not experience any negative side effects.

Does Boost It Up! contain preservatives, artificial ingredients / sweeteners?

Boost It Up! contains no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.  It contains all natural sweeteners: sugar and fruit concentrate.

Can I drink Boost It Up! even if I’m not pregnant, planning to become pregnant or lactating?

Yes, you can drink Boost It Up! any time you need a pick-me-up.

Is Boost It Up! kosher?

No, Boost It Up! is not kosher.

Is Boost It Up! vegetarian or vegan?

Yes, Boost It Up! is vegetarian and vegan.

How is Boost It Up! different from other energy drinks on the market?

Boost It Up! was developed in collaboration with a leading OBGYN and Prenatal nutritionists. This energy and anti-nausea drink is rich in B-vitamins, ginger, protein, electrolytes and fiber and provides a delicious way to stay hydrated.

How do I store Boost It Up!?

You can either store Boost It Up! in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

What information do I need to provide to my doctor for him/her to confirm Boost It Up! is safe for me to drink during my pregnancy?

You should show your doctor the Boost It Up! ingredient list.This link will bring you to the Boost It Up! ingredient list.

Why does Boost It Up! contain protein?

During pregnancy and nursing , the amount of protein your body needs increases- many women find it challenging to get all the protein required.  Providing 7 grams of protein helps to reach the recommended goal of 70 g per day.

Why does Boost It Up! contain fiber?

For pregnant women, dietary fiber is an especially beneficial component of a balanced diet.  A pregnant woman should be getting about 25 grams of dietary fiber per day.  Adding dietary fiber to your diet will decrease constipation and lower blood pressure. Increasing your dietary fiber during the first trimester may also reduce pregnancy risks. A report in the American Journal of Hypertension found that by increasing the amount of fiber in your diet during early pregnancy, the risk of preeclampsia (a potentially fatal condition caused by elevated blood pressure) is reduced.

What is the stuff at the bottom of the bottle?

The mango concentrate is heavy and sits at the bottom of the bottle.  Shake well prior to drinking to ensure you get the full mango flavor.