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Vitamin K Saves the Day!

Vitamin K and Nursing

Who needs Vitamin K anyway? Wait, vitamin K come back here we didn’t mean it, we really need you! Vitamin K and Nursing So does our baby! While you’re pregnant, having some balance in your […]

5 Simple Tips To Help the Nips!

Breastfeeding Solutions

Let’s Face It, Breastfeeding Ain’t Always Easy.  For many women it can be an uncomfortable process to settle into and there are plenty of factors that can leave you feeling discouraged as you navigate this […]

Breastfeeding Isn’t Always a Pain – Soothe Those Suckers!

Breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt and it doesn’t have to. Many women who begin their journey into motherhood with strong breastfeeding goals and aspirations become discouraged when breastfeeding isn’t quite what they expected. For many […]