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Getting Pregnant Ain't Always So Easy

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In recognition of infertility awareness week, we’re acknowledging all the families that have struggled with infertility and that have difficulty trying to conceive. 

Building your family isn’t always easy, and there’s tons of factors that can affect the body’s fertility. Over 5 million people of childbearing age in the United States alone experience difficulty with conception or infertility each year.

As we understand more about different factors that affect our ability to get pregnant, medical professionals look to science for more effective solutions to help parents grow their families.

Infertility affects families physically, emotionally and financially. Many of the treatments for infertility are expensive and can be an emotionally exhausting for parents eager to finally get pregnant.

Before you or a loved one become discouraged, it’s important to understand some of the different options and solutions available. 

These range from herbal extracts to more invasive surgical treatments, all offering parents a second chance and the opportunity to overcome their infertility obstacles.

What are some common factors that can affect women’s fertility outside their control?

 Age is an important factor that affects a women’s ability to become pregnant. Women are born with their lifetime of eggs and as we age, this number declines. Many experience a sharp decline in fertility around age 35, while others experience this decline in their mid to late forties.

Genetics can also play a role in fertility. Our genetic makeup can determine when our bodies proceed to menopause and even affect certain hormones. Some studies show that our genetics can contribute having hormones that reduce our reproductive lifespan.

In some cases, a woman’s medical history and biological makeup can become a fertility factor. Certain surgeries and reproductive infections and diseases can damage tissues that promote healthy pregnancies in adulthood.

 Introducing healthy mama® Make her Ready! Fertility Support Supplements

Healthy mama has set out to change the way that women prepare for pregnancy by providing a Fertility Support Supplement that they can trust.  If you are thinking about getting pregnant, preparing your body, similar to how a runner trains for a marathon, is a great start.   There are many reversible reasons why it may take longer or be more challenging to get pregnant.  We can help!

This fertility support supplement like many of our other prenatal and postnatal products  is OB/GYN developed and recommended. We worked in conjunction with Dr. Jan Rydfors, MD, FACOG to bring people wanting to start their family an innovative, proven option.

This product is specifically designed to decrease toxicity to improve your chances of conception and maintain a fragile, new pregnancy. 

Our fertility support supplement is the most complete product available containing a combination of ingredients clinically proven to assist with Reproductive health.  Starting with Myo-Inositol which promotes improved egg quality and ovarian function. CoQ10 helps the fertilized eggs to divide and implant in the uterus. L-Carnitine is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps a fertilized egg implant in the uterine wall. Quatrefolic is more bio-available than synthetic folic acid to help protect against birth defects.

Make her Ready! Fertility Support Supplements have absolutely no FD&C dyes, gluten, artificial flavors or sweeteners, soy, parabens, preservatives, yeast or animal products. With only 2 caplets each day, you’re getting peace of mind and the confidence you need as you’re trying to conceive your baby

And because it includes Folate, you do not need to take a prenatal vitamin until you get pregnant!

A strong support system is a powerful thing. 

From medical support to a little added peace of mind on your journey, parents struggling to conceive often need the confidence to keep them persevering to reach their goals.

*Please note that in some cases the male trying to conceive may be the one who is experiencing challenges*

Please note, Make her Ready! Fertility Support Supplement is not intended for women experiencing serious infertility challenges.  If you have been trying to conceive for a year (6 months for women 35+) and have not been successful, you should speak with a fertility specialist.

This product is available in select Walmart stores through out the state of Texas.

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