Make Mama Happy!

make mama happy

Make Mama VERY Happy! with this much deserved survival kit. It’s the ultimate go-to solution to help women feel healthy and happy during pregnancy, nursing and beyond. The kit includes Shake That Ache! to alleviate aches and pains, eaZZZe The Pain! to minimize pains and sleeplessness, Move It Along! to relieve occasional irregularity, and Tame The Flame! to get control of heartburn and indigestion and a bedazzled pill case (free!)– packaged together in one convenient but stylish carrying case (free!). The kit is the perfect addition to any baby registry!


  • Always consult your healthcare provider prior to taking any medication while pregnant or nursing.
  • No medication is considered 100% safe during pregnancy or nursing.
  • You can speak directly with an expert on medicine safety by calling OTIS at 1.866.626.6847 or visiting, a service provided by OTI

Questions About
healthy mama® Products

Is the healthy mama® product line FDA approved?

Yes, healthy mama® products are FDA approved.

How do I know the products are safe to use during pregnancy?

Please note, there are currently no products available that can guarantee 100% safety during pregnancy.  However, based on extensive research and data, healthy mama® products offer the safest known solution for pregnancy ailments available.  The active ingredients used in all the products have been used for many years and have not shown to have an adverse effect on a growing fetus.  Further, the products are vetted through OTIS, an authority on pre and post natal safety.   All healthy mama® products are manufactured following FDA and DEA guidelines.   Always check with your doctor prior to taking any medications

Where can I buy healthy mama® products?

healthy mama® products are currently available through the healthy mama® website. and retailers coming soon

Is there a phone number I can call if I have additional questions?

Yes, you may reach a healthy mama® representative by calling 1-866-preg-I-am

Can I still take the medicine(s) if it has passed the expiration date listed on the package?

We can only guarantee our medications efficacy through the expiration date.  We do not recommend taking medicine passed the expiration date. 

Who is OTIS?

OTIS stands for Organization of Teratology Information Specialists.  OTIS is dedicated to providing evidence based information to mothers and health care professionals about medications and other exposures during pregnancy and nursing.  Free counseling service is provided by calling: 866-626-6847.

How can I find out more information about OTIS?

For more information about OTIS or to find a service in your area call 866-626-6847 or visit

What is teratology?

Teratology is the study of abnormalities of physiological development or human birth defects.

Are healthy mama® products kosher?

No, healthy mama® products are not kosher.

Are healthy mama® products vegan?

No, healthy mama® products are not vegan.