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4 MUSTS for Travel While Pregnant or With Baby

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Traveling Pregnant (Babymoon) or With Baby in Tow Can Be Tough.  Read On To Learn Some Tips About How To Make It Fun! 

While the vacation season is in the rear view mirror, we all need a little break especially if you’re pregnant or have a young one not yet in school.  

But traveling with baby has it’s own set of challenges and it can definitely feel overwhelming to maneuver your way through an airport with baby in tow. It might be even more stressful to enjoy yourself on a vacation while you’re pregnant. Traveling in itself can be stressful from packing an organized bag with everything you need to the entertainment for the journey ahead. There’s no need to put your big vacation plans on hold just because you have a tiny passenger this year. A little extra planning can make a huge difference when it comes to traveling with your new baby, while pregnant and even breastfeeding/pumping when your baby is back home.

So I can still go on a vacation?

Of course!

Pregnancy, postnatal and breastfeeding are incredible experiences and shouldn’t come in the way of doing things for you and taking care of your emotional and physical health. If it’s anyone that needs a good vacation, it’s a new mother or a mom to be.

Hint* hint* at anyone who’ birthday is coming up,  we’ll take a vacation.

Pregnant Travel

You’re pregnant and still trying to make the best of the warm weather before baby arrives?

We don’t blame you one bit, in fact we think you deserve a baby-moon (honeymoon for moms to be). Pack your own pillows! There’s no shame in bringing your favorite pillows to help you get comfy while you’re on your way to your destination. Dress comfortably, you can always add layers if you get chilly but loose comfortable clothing will keep you cool in cramped spaces or while you’re on the move. If you’re traveling by plane, it’s always a good idea to request an aisle seat to give you easy bathroom access and a little extra wiggle room. Some flights even have seats with extra leg room that can definitely come in handy on longer flights where you can kick off your shoes and stretch out.

When you need that extra boost to help you keep calm and banishing a queasy stomach, packing your Healthy Mama Calm the Crazy tea is always a good idea. These caffeine free tea bags are compact and can easily be stored in your bag for whenever you need a little help calming the crazy of prenatal traveling.

Infant Travel

“Is it even possible to have a good vacation and take care of a baby at the same time?”

Believe it or not, babies don’t like change and prefer to stick to a predictable schedule. When you reach your destination, unpack and make the space as much like home as possible. Bring sleep supplies from home with a familiar scent or a portable bed or bassinet that they are comfortable sleeping in.

Plan your daily activities around your baby’s need for naps. Chances are, they’ll stick with a fairly predictable nap schedule and a nap on the go in the stroller or baby carrier while parents sight see is a good way to multitask. Make a few trips throughout the day back to the hotel room for a quick snooze or a calm place to nurse or give your little one a bottle, doubling for an opportunity for parents to kick back and relax. Don’t forget, room service is an amazing invention that’s heaven sent for baby travelers.

Nursing & Pumping While Away

“But what if I’m nursing?”

Nursing while traveling is in many ways easier than preparing to formula feed. Breastfeeding usually means less supplies to pack, water to heat, etc and a good sling or cover can help you and your baby find a comfortable place to nurse on the go. Moms planning to take their breastfed little one on vacation might find it helpful to plan in advance by packing some stored breast milk just in case.

If you’re planning a solo adventure without your breastfed baby, you’ll need to consider packing breast pump supplies for your trip and plan ahead to secure an area where this milk can be stored safely. Pumping or expressing milk every 2 to 3 hours will imitate your baby’s feeding patterns to help keep your milk supply sustained. It’s normal to notice your volumes go down and usually when you resume breastfeeding your baby, volumes will pick up where they left off.

Hydration! No. Really. HYDRATION!

Yeah. Drink something. Sounds simple right? Well it isn’t. With your arms full of strollers, diaper bags, and pumping supplies the likelihood that you are making room for a glass of water in your hand is slim to none. Invest in a durable travel cup with a hook that you can attach to the strap of your bag or onto the bar of your stroller. Easy access!

Water isn’t everyone mama’s cup of tea, so for those who prefer something a bit sweeter, try our ‘Boost it Up!’ Energy Drink! Our DELICIOUS Boost it Up! Caffeine Free Protein Energy Drink helps eliminate fatigue and morning sickness with a blend of Protein, Fruit Juice and B-Vitamins. Developed with Nutritionists, Boost it Up! is a perfect natural low calorie drink to help put some pep in your step during pregnancy or nursing and beyond.

No matter what stage of motherhood you’re in this summer, you can still travel comfortably. 

Make sure you’re taking the opportunity to kick back and relax, after all you’re on vacation!

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