6 Fun Things To Do On
Valentine’s Day When You’re Pregnant


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When a girl dreams about a romantic date on Valentine’s Day, being pregnant isn’t usually a part of the plan. All of us here at Healthy Mama Brand are here to tell you otherwise! There are plenty of things you and your partner can do to spice up the holiday 🙂 Here’s a list of some fun things to do that’ll make you and your partner feel good! 

1. Get Cookin’! 


Cooking is an incredibly fun thing to do with your partner especially when pregnant. What are your favorite foods to eat? Check out local cooking classes for an out-of-the-ordinary date night or simply plan a menu together! 

2. Spa Day 

Whether you schedule an appointment with a professional or you treat yourself to some fun face masks, mani/pedis, and candles at home, consider having a relaxing day in with your partner. We recommend mutual massages! 😉 

3. Make Some Mocktails! 

Pregnant ladies can absolutely have fun too! Kill two birds with one stone by combating your loss of energy with the refreshing flavor of our Boost It Up! Protein + Energy Drink Mix. Not only is this mix a safe energy booster, but it’s delicious too! Consider adding some sparkling water and a splash of lime to this drink mix and we know you’ll find it as dreamy as we do! 

4. Go See A Show

There is nothing quite like seeing a live performance. Check out your town’s coffee shop or restaurant for local bands, plan to see your favorite musician, or go see that new musical you’ve been dying to see.  A nice jazz club can liven up the mood too.

5. Do Something New

We love this idea! Spice things up by doing something you’ve never done together. The options here are endless! Take a cooking class (see option #1!), walk around an arboretum, go to the zoo, book a couple’s massage, rent an AirBnb the next town over – make those memories! 

6. Have Sex

Treat yourself by buying some sexy maternity lingerie to show off your curves, light some candles together, spread some roses around the bedroom – do what you need to do to set the mood! He will find your full belly very sexy! What’s Valentine’s Day without some romance between the sheets? 😉