6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Pregnancy Bed Rest

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So far, you’ve survived the first dreadful months of morning sickness, the hormonal roller coaster, the bloating, so naturally, it should be smooth sailing until delivery, right? 

If your doctor has prescribed bed rest, then that’d be a negative. 

Most tired mamas would rejoice at the news  of bed rest; however, it does pose some risks for depression and anxiety. 

Fear not! This post is all about offering you productive, fun, and creative ideas on how to spend your bed rest until baby comes. 

  1. Get your YouTube hair-tutorial on and practice hair-dos that take less than a minute to do, because in reality, that’s how much time you’ll have. Extra kudos for those who practice on greasy hair! 
  2. Learn how to knit! This is a very relaxing activity for many. You could knit your baby a hat, socks, or a onesie 🙂 
  3. Open up your laptop and embark on a Facebook binge where you like everyone’s photos from the early 2000’s. Commenting will add to the awkwardness that you will revel in. Hey, it’s all for entertainment! 
  4. Learn, like really learn, how to give yourself a mani/pedi. It’s more than just two coats of nail polish, ladies. Self-care is very important and there’s nothing like a fresh coat of nailpolish to make yourself feel put together. This article is a great introduction and resource to putting your best feet and hands forward <3 
  5. Something magical happens when putting pen to paper, am I right? Consider writing letters to your partner and baby that they can open at later dates. Pro tip: write a kind letter to yourself, too. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll need to read those words of encouragement down the road. 
  6. Netflix + Chill, for real. Knox and Jamie from The Popcast are true experts on all things pop culture and will not steer you wrong when it comes to good TV (and movies, books, music, podcasts). 

There you have it, ladies! We hope these ideas bring you joy, laughs, and peace as you wait for your sweet new baby to arrive 🙂