Diaper Bag Essentials
For Newborns

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If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, chances are good that you received a beautiful new diaper bag as a gift and have been thinking hard about the best ways to fill it. What are the diaper bag essentials for newborns? What do experienced moms wish someone had told them at the beginning of having kids? Well, this post covers all you ever wanted to know about what to pack and what to leave behind! 

Diapering Essentials


This is obvious; but how many should you pack? A good rule is to pack enough for 1-2 days. You’ll be changing your baby’s diaper roughly every two hours or so, so packing 10-12 diapers is a safe bet. But you know your baby best, so change the number accordingly! 

Diaper Changing Pad

These usually come with diaper bags these days, but in the event they don’t or you’d like to get another one, these pads come highly recommended. 

Diaper Disposable Bags

No one likes to be stuck with a dirty diaper on their hands with no way to dispose of it. These bags are game-changers and are kind of like doggie poop bags in the little dispenser but without the leash! 

Diaper Rash Cream

For your little one’s red and sore bottom, we like this diaper rash cream to help soothe and heal. 

Alternate Outfit

This is a must-have for those inevitable blow-outs. You never know when your baby might need a change of clothes (or two!) 

Formula & Breastfeeding

Formula Supplies

Carrying an entire can of formula is unnecessary – remember, you only want the essentials. A great idea is to pre-fill a formula dispenser that holds pre-measured powder. This one has three compartments! Be sure to also remember to pack a couple empty bottles and enough water for your baby’s feedings. 


Trust us, you’ll want to pack some breast pads for when you leak. We really like these organic bamboo nursing pads. You’ll also appreciate having Healthy Mama Brand’s Soothe those Suckers! Soothing Nipple Spray on hand, too. This spray provides revolutionary and advanced nipple care for a safe and natural way to relieve sore nipples.

Extra Shirt for Mom

Remember when we mentioned leaking? You’ll thank us when you find an extra shirt in your bag for this very occasion! 

Feeding & Snack Supplies


Starting at around 6 months of age, having water on hand is essential. Grab your baby’s favorite sippy cup and take care that it is filled and ready to go. Don’t forget about you too, mama! Your hydration and energy is equally important. Throw a couple packets of Healthy Mama Brand’s Boost It Up! Protein + Energy Drink Mix in your bag and mix it with water to optimize your energy and hydration. 


Your child’s hunger will never end ? Stock up on some healthy snacks for your little one and store them in a Ziploc bag, or something similar (for those inevitable crumbs!) 

Well, there you have it! We hope this list helps you mamas pack your diaper bag. Being prepared as much as you can for daily life with a newborn will be to your advantage! You got this!