Sex During Pregnancy –
Important Things To Know

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You and your partner did “the deed” and now you’re pregnant – congratulations! You may now be asking yourself, is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Will my sex drive change? What are the best positions to ensure safe sex? Can having sex trigger labor? Are there any reasons I should call my doctor? Keep reading as we help you navigate sexy time during pregnancy 😉 

Is It Safe? 

Generally speaking, yes! Woohoo! If your pregnancy is considered normal without complications, by all means, continue having sex until your water breaks or you go into labor. Hey, and you don’t have to worry about getting or trying to get pregnant- enjoy!

Team Health and Parenting reassures couples that a baby is fully protected in amniotic fluid, and the mucous plug located at the cervix protects the baby from feeling anything during intercourse. So rest assured that your baby is safe while you have sex. 


Sex Drive 

Sex drive during pregnancy can range greatly among pregnant women. According to babycenter.com, some women desire more sex during pregnancy, while others would prefer to abstain. 

Your drive depends greatly on how you’re feeling physically and emotionally, which can change often during pregnancy! Communicate clearly with yourself and your partner on how you’re feeling and determine if a romp in the sack is the best plan of action. 

Best Positions

A fun aspect of having sex during pregnancy is the opportunity for you and your partner to get creative with positions! Experiment and communicate clearly with one another to achieve ideal comfort and safety. The Baby Center offers an illustrated guide to some of the best pregnancy sex positions (that sounds like some fun reading!) 😉 

Can Sex Trigger Labor? 

Fortunately for us mamas, the contractions of orgasm aren’t the same as labor contractions. As long as your pregnancy is healthy and uncomplicated, you can continue to have as much sex as you want. Sexual stimulation or orgasm cannot start labor or cause a miscarriage. 

When To Call Your Doctor

No matter what, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor or midwife if you have any questions, concerns, or experience any of the following symptoms during or after intercourse: 

  • Heavy bleeding 
  • Cramping that doesn’t go away after a few minutes
  • Pain

So, if you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy without complications, you and your partner are good to go! Remember that we healthy mamas can also be Sexy Mamas 😉 

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