Tips On Juggling Work + Motherhood

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There is no doubt about it – going back to work after having your baby is tough, but feeling guilty about it won’t do anybody any good. Let’s talk real talk about juggling work and motherhood and the things you can do to ease the transition. 

The Hard Stuff

There is a great chance you feel torn between two conflicting roles: 1) your career and the income it brings in to help provide for your family and 2) your new role as a mother to a precious new baby who is dependent on you. 

Additionally, and quite unfortunately, many babies are not sleeping through the night at three months, which leaves you incredibly exhausted as you try to focus and get your work done, while also helping to manage and care for your household. 

The Good Stuff 

Let’s not forget the benefits! Some moms feel they are better parents because of their work; they report that job happiness and social connections help them be better parents. Having some work autonomy and talking with real adults can help equip you for that intimate one-on-one time with your baby.

The Real Stuff

No matter how you feel about going back to work as a new mom, we can’t deny that it is a juggling act. While yes, it can be stressful and an emotional roller-coaster (many thanks lingering hormones), it doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. 

Let’s explore some tips on how to survive this season of life. 

4 Survival Strategies

  1. Involve Your Spouse/Partner 

You don’t have to do this alone! Having open conversations about creating new, healthy routines for your family and how to share responsibilities is a marvelous thing. 

  1. Give Yourself Some Grace

Don’t make the transition more difficult by feeling guilty. You have not done anything wrong by choosing to work. You are also not superwoman, and this is ok! Perfection is an unrealistic expectation and is unattainable. Give yourself grace when you make a mistake (there is no perfect parent!), love and care for your child as best you can, and move on. 

  1. Compartmentalize 

Do your best to have a clear separation between work and home. This boundary will help you be fully present while at work, and fully present at home while you’re at home

  1. Take Care Of Yourself

Do not forget this important survival strategy! Ever been on an airplane? Before the plane takes off, the flight attendant explains that in the event the plane goes down, you must first put on your oxygen mask before helping others. This is because you can only help others when you have taken care of yourself first. Ensure that you are getting as much rest as you can, staying hydrated, getting some type of exercise, and eating well.

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And remember mama, the chaos and heartache are temporary. Most working moms will tell you that the first month is the hardest. It will get easier as time goes on and your family gets used to a new routine. 

You’ll also learn that you don’t have to be with your child every moment of every day for them to feel loved. You can be both a hardworking professional and a loving parent!