Travel and Pregnancy Tips & Tricks ☀️ ???? ✈

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Travel During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is life-changing, no doubt. But until the baby arrives, nearly everything else around you stays the same – including your work schedule. And if that agenda includes travel, as some mamas experience during pregnancy, things can get a little uncomfortable if you don’t plan ahead.
Here are some favorite pointers for traveling moms-to-be especially during the hot summer months:
  1. Talk to your healthcare provider before you travel. We can’t stress this enough. Early on in your pregnancy, have a discussion with your provider about your job and work schedule – including travel – and get his or her OK before you take any trips. If you have no complications, you may get the green light to travel until 36 weeks. If you are high risk, your health care provider may advise you to stop travel earlier.
  2. Stay Hydrated. You should always drink plenty of liquid during pregnancy, but especially crucial when you travel by plane. The humidity levels in airplane cabins are significantly lower than what we are used to on land. The dry hair can cause dehydration, which is particularly dangerous during pregnancy and can lead to premature labor. To prevent dehydration, drink more liquids than normal the three days leading up to your trip, So if you will be traveling Wednesday, drink more water on the Sunday through Tuesday before you leave. 
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. As you reach 32 weeks + in your pregnancy, you get puffier and may experience some swelling in your feet and ankles. So it’s important to have shoes you can slip on and off, especially if you will be flying or riding for hours in the car. I recommend clogs—they were my go-to travel shoe late in my pregnancy. 
  4. Sport support hose. Support stockings were another lifesaver for me when I was pregnant, especially on longer flights. They help prevent potentially serious blood clots in your legs (called deep vein thrombosis). Support stockings also help minimize swelling. I recommend the knee-high ones, so you can easily take them on and off.
  5. Pack healthy snacks. Airports and planes don’t always serve the healthiest snacks (if they serve any snacks at all…), so you’re wise to pack some nutrition for you and your precious cargo. Throw an apple, some almonds or a small bag of popcorn or whole grain pretzels in your bag so you have something to nibble.
  6. Exercise on your excursion. It’s a good idea to stay active and exercise regularly during pregnancy, even when you’re on the go. So walk a few laps around the airport before you board. If you are going to a beach, fit in some swimming (which feels GREAT when you are pregnant, by the way). 
Bon voyage and best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy!



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