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Tips for Boosting Energy During Pregnancy

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While you’re pregnant, your body is working overtime to keep your baby healthy and nourished.

All this hard work can take it’s toll on a mom-to-be, leaving her body feeling fatigued and exhausted. 

There are some all natural remedies that can rejuvenate and perk up your energy without having to touch a drop of caffeine. 


Although you might be feeling uncomfortable in those later stages of pregnancy, getting your body moving can actually give you a welcome boost of energy. We’re not talking about amateur body building here, just a walk around the block or a few gentle aerobic exercises. You might be pleasantly surprised with how refreshed you feel after incorporating a stroll in the park or some light yoga into your daily routine.   


It might sound obvious, but if you’re particularly fatigued throughout your pregnancy you might not be getting enough quality sleep. Letting your body unwind and relax for an hour or two before you fall asleep helps balance your sleep pattern to whisk you away to a deeper, more meaningful sleep. Especially in your later stages of pregnancy, there’s nothing wrong with some mid day naps when you’re feeling uncomfortable. Your body is working hard and you should reward it with a good night’s sleep and naps as you need them throughout the day.

Healthy Eating

Pregnancy cravings are serious and although you might be finding yourself reaching for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, a balanced diet can actually keep you feeling energized. Powerful proteins and complex carbs will keep your body going while actually filling you up. Nuts, cheese and dried fruit make awesome snacks to give you that wave of energy your body needs to feel good and take on a busy day.

Baby-Safe Energy Drinks

Our society is one for convenience and quick results and energy drinks have become a way of life. Most of these drinks are full of artificial colors, flavors, additives and absolutely packed with sugar. Not to mention, they usually aren’t recommended for expectant mothers.

Healthy mama’s Boost it Up energy drink is packed with protein, real fruit juice and B vitamins that give you the energy your body craves while being completely caffeine free. This nutritionist developed pick-me-up is an excellent source of b vitamins, thiamin, folic acid and more. When our bodies get dehydrated, we feel sluggish and sleepy. Boost it Up quickly rehydrates you to reduce uncomfortable fluid retention and muscle cramps.

This energy drink on the go is dairy, gluten, fat and preservative free at a dainty 90 calories per bottle. It packs plenty of healthy fiber to help bloating and occasional constipation and can even kick your morning sickness nausea to the curb. Baby safe energy drinks are no longer a thing of the past and Boost it Up is here to rescue all the fatigued mamas out there searching for a little relief.

Boosting your energy during pregnancy doesn’t have to be difficult.

Whether it’s just stretching your body with some exercise or fueling up with Boost it Up, you can banish your fatigue and wake up each day a happy and healthy mama!

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