Breastfeeding Isn’t Always a Pain – Soothe Those Suckers!

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Breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt and it doesn’t have to.

Many women who begin their journey into motherhood with strong breastfeeding goals and aspirations become discouraged when breastfeeding isn’t quite what they expected. For many new moms, getting the hang of their new breastfeeding routine comes along with soreness, nipple discomfort and irritation.

While these may be common symptoms, many are unable to find a safe solution.

One of the common causes for nipple pain, dryness, irritation or discomfort is improper latch. Nipple and breast shape as well as the shape of your baby’s mouth can keep your little one from latching properly.

Cracked or dry nipples can be a deterrent for many new moms who find breastfeeding to be too painful.

When nipples become irritated, nursing can be painful and when milk ducts aren’t being expressed they clog and can become irritated or even infected. This infection is called mastitis and can be avoided when nipples stay hydrated where your baby can nurse effectively and comfortably.

With this being such a sensitive area, it can be difficult to find something for the dryness and discomfort that’s safe for your skin and is safe for your baby to come in contact with.

Thick creams and ointments can be uncomfortable to apply and even more uncomfortable to wear, not to mention they don’t always work effectively.

So, what is the best product to soothe and moisturize sore, chapped nipples during breastfeeding? 

Our Soothing Nipple Spray, of course! 

sore nipple

Soothe Those Suckers!

Our nipple spray works differently than oily creams or ointments for nipple irritation, because it’s neither!

The Soothe Those Suckers! Soothing Nipple Spray makes application clean, sanitary and mess free. The formula is lanolin and fragrance free and is safe to use around your baby and on your sensitive skin. There’s no rinsing required and no rubbing, just spray and air dry for 45 seconds between feedings to keep you feeling comfortably hydrated. This spray is pediatrician approved, hypoallergenic, vegetarian and safe to ingest.

With one spray, you’re eliminating harmful bacteria and germs that cause mastitis and other infections. Since the application is just a spray, there’s no risk for contamination between bottle, breasts and hands. The ingredients are 100% natural and there’s no harmful chemicals or fillers that can irritate skin or make matters worse.

This product is making breastfeeding a more comfortable experience as it promotes nipple and breast health during any phase of your breastfeeding journey. No more lanolin stained bras, no more cracked nipple discomfort, just an improved breastfeeding experience that comes highly recommended by OBGYN’s and pediatricians. 

Just ask Dr. Amy Gerhardt! Dr. Amy Gerhardt, practicing OB/GYN at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ speaks about her experience with Soothe those Suckers! Soothing Nipple Spray and sharing her feelings of safety on our YouTube channel!

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. 

With Soothe Those Suckers! soothing nipple spray by healthy mama, we’re setting out to help mothers feel more empowered to continue their breastfeeding journey and allow feeding time to be a rewarding experience where you can spend more time bonding with your child and less time getting comfortable.

We’ve got you, mama!