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gluten-free pregnancy

Gluten-Free Diets while Pregnant or Post-Natal

Authored By Jackie Edwards

    Do you need to have a Gluten-Free Pregnancy?  Let’s just begin by saying that pregnancy, followed by the first few months with your baby, should be a happy time; an enjoyable experience during […]

prenatal exercise

Perks of Prenatal Exercise

Staying active helps with many pregnancy symptoms

A body in motion stays in motion.  Prenatal exercise is an essential for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.  While pregnant, many women put their exercise regimen on the back burner and fall off track. Keeping […]

pregnancy cravings

What Are Your Pregnancy Cravings Telling You

One of the first things a mom to be expects to appear is her pregnancy cravings.  Pregnancy cravings seem odd! Some ladies crave sugar and others seek a little somethin’ savory. While most of these […]

Vitamin K Saves the Day!

Vitamin K and Nursing

Who needs Vitamin K anyway? Wait, vitamin K come back here we didn’t mean it, we really need you! Vitamin K and Nursing So does our baby! While you’re pregnant, having some balance in your […]

Safe Driving During Pregnancy: Is It Just a Matter of Wearing a Seatbelt?

Seatbelts During Pregnancy Article by Amie Durocher Pregnancy is a life changing event that is full of emotion. It is a time of preparation, a time for learning what you as a mom-to-be needs to know […]