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Is Pregnancy Brain Real?

Myth or Reality.. inquiring minds want to know!

Pregnancy Brain is Real! From poor decision making to forgetfulness and a lack of concentration, pregnant mamas have always complained of the so-called Pregnancy Brain but until recently it’s been dismissed by most as nothing […]

4 Symptoms Essential Oils Can Help During Pregnancy

Essential Oils to The Rescue

4 Pregnancy Symptoms You Can Calm Using Essential Oils   Essential oils during pregnancy can be a lifesaver.  Your pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life and taking care of yourself is more important […]

gluten-free pregnancy

Gluten-Free Diets while Pregnant or Post-Natal

Authored By Jackie Edwards

    Do you need to have a Gluten-Free Pregnancy?  Let’s just begin by saying that pregnancy, followed by the first few months with your baby, should be a happy time; an enjoyable experience during […]

My Visit to the Expecting Parents and Families Expo!

healthy pregnancy

  I flew in and out of Dallas in a whirlwind trip that I am thankful I took. The event was a huge success! I had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of amazing moms […]

insomnia during pregnancy

All Natural Sleep Remedies

  Insomnia During Pregnancy and Will It Harm Your Baby? If you’re pregnant and having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, you’re not alone.  By Jackie Edwards The National Sleep Foundation’s Women and Sleep Poll […]