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4 Symptoms Essential Oils Can Help During Pregnancy

Essential Oils to The Rescue

4 Pregnancy Symptoms You Can Calm Using Essential Oils   Essential oils during pregnancy can be a lifesaver.  Your pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life and taking care of yourself is more important […]

discomforts of pregnancy

The 7 Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

and how to hit them head on

The 7 Discomforts of Pregnancy Sorry ladies, but sometimes pregnancy sucks!  Pregnancy symptoms can wreak havoc on you and your loved ones. Maybe you’ve tried for months, maybe days or maybe you weren’t even trying […]

prenatal exercise

Perks of Prenatal Exercise

Staying active helps with many pregnancy symptoms

A body in motion stays in motion.  Prenatal exercise is an essential for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.  While pregnant, many women put their exercise regimen on the back burner and fall off track. Keeping […]

Fighting Fatigue During Pregnancy

Foods and Tips for Avoiding Fatigue During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Where did all my energy go?! Fighting Fatigue during pregnancy or nursing can be a real challenge.  If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you’re probably no stranger to fatigue. Whether you’re in your first trimester, third […]

insomnia during pregnancy

All Natural Sleep Remedies

  Insomnia During Pregnancy and Will It Harm Your Baby? If you’re pregnant and having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, you’re not alone.  By Jackie Edwards The National Sleep Foundation’s Women and Sleep Poll […]