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Safe Driving During Pregnancy: Is It Just a Matter of Wearing a Seatbelt?

Seatbelts During Pregnancy Article by Amie Durocher Pregnancy is a life changing event that is full of emotion. It is a time of preparation, a time for learning what you as a mom-to-be needs to know […]

Ode to Prenatal Infection Awareness Month

February is National Prenatal Infection Awareness Month. Healthy Mama is sharing the love.

February is often characterized with kissy face emojis and cupids. February is also National Prenatal Infection Awareness Month.  Prenatal infections are as real as your love for chocolate.  They can be passed from mom to baby in […]

bleeding gums during pregnancy

Do you know the importance of oral health during pregnancy?

DR. EDWARD FEINS, D.M.D. tells us WHY!

Oral health during pregnancy Hey ladies (and gents for that matter), did you know that one of the most important health issues facing pregnant women is oral health? When healthy mama brand asked me to […]

flu shot during pregnancy

Is the Flu Shot During Pregnancy Safe for You and Baby?

Our medical expert Alyssa Dweck, MS,MD,FACOG explains why you should

The Flu Shot During Pregnancy Pregnancy and the flu shot is sort of like the story of Beauty and the Beast. It seems harsh and ugly on the outside but once the layers are peeled […]