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4 MUSTS for Travel While Pregnant or With Baby

Traveling Pregnant (Babymoon) or With Baby in Tow Can Be Tough.  Read On To Learn Some Tips About How To Make It Fun!  While the vacation season is in the rear view mirror, we all […]

Travel and Pregnancy Tips & Tricks ☀️ ???? ✈

By Beth Battaglino, RN

Travel During Pregnancy Pregnancy is life-changing, no doubt. But until the baby arrives, nearly everything else around you stays the same – including your work schedule. And if that agenda includes travel, as some mamas […]

Safe Driving During Pregnancy: Is It Just a Matter of Wearing a Seatbelt?

Seatbelts During Pregnancy Article by Amie Durocher Pregnancy is a life changing event that is full of emotion. It is a time of preparation, a time for learning what you as a mom-to-be needs to know […]