Unexplained Infertility While Trying to ConceiveFertility and trying to conceive

Unexplained infertility can be very frustrating.  You’ve been trying to avoid getting pregnant for years and now the excitement of finally pulling the goalie from the net doesn’t mean that the puck will go right in!  Getting pregnant is very personal and can be a challenging task.   If you have tried for more than one year without success, you should consult a fertility specialist.  If you are over 35, you should wait only 6 months.   Ladies you need to remember that it takes two to tango. If you have been trying for 6 months and are not getting pregnant, ensure your partner is tested as well.  See the article from the NYtimes here.  

Reasons for Unexplained Infertility

A woman can have unexplained infertility due to one or more reversible processes in her body.  Issues such as insulin resistance, oxidative stress and elevated chronic inflammation can cause big obstacles. Most women have an excess of all of the above. These processes will directly affect egg and embryo quality and embryo implantation resulting in a lower chance of conceiving and a higher early miscarriage rate.

There are many support groups to help you while you experience unexplained infertility.  While there may be some physical issues preventing you from conceiving quickly, the emotional and psychological impact is very powerful.   Remember to take time for yourself and relax.  Getting pregnant is the most fun part of it all and it can get lost on the ovulation calculators and calendars, etc.  This causes stress in our body and eliminates the “natural” element of sex.  

There are supplements you can take to address many of the issues.

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