Healthcare Professionals

healthcare professionals

Introducing healthy mama®, one comprehensive brand of wellness solutions including over-the-counter medicines and nutritional products you can confidently recommend to your pregnant and nursing patients.  Our products provide the #1 OB/GYN recommended active ingredients and safest,  most convenient solutions for your patients common ailments and concerns.

From aches and pains, to constipation and cankles,  most women experience  some sort of discomfort during pregnancy and look to you for solutions or revert to the Internet, where they may find misinformation. With the introduction of the healthy mama® brand, you can help eliminate confusion and provideyour patients with convenience and peace of mind

drrydforshealthy mama® products are:


  • FDA Accepted
  • Reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board, OTIS,,
    March of Dimes and other major health organizationsotis
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • All located on one shelf at retailhw
  • Easy to remember names with a healthy dose of humor
  • Priced on par with national competitive brands
  • Dye-free, all natural, gluten free and organic (when possible)apa

healthy mama® brand will:

  • Reduce your incoming call count from patients with questions about ailments
  • Provide your patients convenience and peace of mind
Stores Collage501dAvailable at select GNC, Target, Walmart, CVS and Buy Buy Baby stores and,, and