Be Well Rounded! Postnatal Vitamin + DHA


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Be Well Rounded! Postnatal Vitamin + DHA Softgel
New Be Well Rounded!® Postnatal Multivitamin + DHA optimize the unique nutrition needed for you and baby during breastfeeding. This special formula provides essential vitamins & minerals proven important for nursing mamas. It also contains higher amounts of Vitamin D which may help reduce postpartum symptoms as well as Lutein & 200 mg purified DHA for baby’s eye and brain health.

A question that most new mamas ask is whether they should take a vitamin supplement while breastfeeding. According to the American Pregnancy Association, similar to during pregnancy, your nutritional intake is critical during breastfeeding – When you have the appropriate amount of nutrients, it will be much easier to create the energy you need to care for your new little package.


  • Doctor Recommended and Developed
  • Contains the proper amounts of nutrients to support the unique nutrition during breastfeeding
  • Vitamin D to help build baby’s strong bones and teeth
  • Lutein & 200mg purified DHA to support healthy eye and brain development
  • Vitamin K to help prevent Vitamin K deficiency- a critical nutrient for baby
  • Once-daily, small easy to swallow soft gel
  • Dye, Soy, Gluten Free
  • Made in the USA

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