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Skincare Safety for Moms to Be: Part 1

Beauty Counter Products for a Safer Skin Care Regimen

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Safe Skincare During Pregnancy

We are living in a hustle and bustle world full of innovative products for our homes, our technology and our bodies, but there is safe skincare during pregnancy.

The environment isn’t the plants and animals you see outside your window, our bodies are part of the environment too. Our bodies work hard to keep us out of harm’s way. Even with our natural defenses in place, dangerous chemicals and toxins are putting our health at risk.

While we’re pregnant, our bodies are the ecosystem for our baby. 

New studies show that many of the chemicals in our food, home and skin care are impacting our babies. Children are born with these chemicals in their systems that are still too fragile to protect themselves from.

One study showed umbilical cord blood of babies contains over 200 toxic, synthetic chemicals at birth.

Isn’t a small amount of exposure still okay?

Well, Not exactly.

Like many things in the human body, a little goes a long way. We are exposed to so many chemicals that these “small exposures” are adding up to big consequences.

How does it even affect my body if I don’t feel anything? 

The biggest concern for pregnant or nursing mothers is the effect these chemicals have on the body’s hormones. These can create an imbalance in the way our body naturally produces and regulates hormones. If the levels are small, it can be difficult to isolate which chemicals are causing the major problems. 

Some of the chemicals in our food and skin care are government regulated, but many slip through the cracks in the system. Tons of companies even use fancy marketing to hide dangerous chemicals lurking in their products.

With all these chemicals hiding in our products, how can you find what’s really safe?

There is safe skincare during pregnancy.  One company is setting out to change the standard.

Beauty Counter is taking health screening to a whole new level with a multi layer safety strategy. Before they even begin to formulate a new product, they’ve eliminated 1,500 dangerous chemicals that the government doesn’t even regulate.

They can truly assure the safety of their products with strict quality control. Developers then look at the bio effects of the ingredients to ensure their product is completely safe and transparent for their customer’s peace of mind.

What are Beauty Counter’s most popular products for pregnant or nursing moms?

safe skincare during pregnancy

Mom Safe Sunscreen

The Beauty Counter sunscreen eliminates the potentially harmful sunblocker like oxybenzone, and uses non-nanoparticle zinc oxide to reflect those harsh UV rays. Minerals are gentler on sensitive skin and the ingredients are even safer for our marine ecosystems than traditional oxybenzone. Plus, there’s no streaky or greasy feel to weigh down your day at the beach.

safe skincare during pregnancy

Charcoal Soap for Preggo-Breakouts

Lots of soaps out there contain chemicals to help them lather. These additives can irritate, dehydrate or even disrupt the pH balance of your skin. Parabens and fragrance can contaminate our skin and disrupt hormones. For a pregnant or nursing mom, that’s the last thing you want. The charcoal bar from Beauty Counter is free of chemicals that will dry or leach into your skin and leaves you with safely detoxed and refreshed skin. 

safe skincare during pregnancy

Sugar Scrub for Itchy Preggo-Skin

The sugar scrub from Beauty Counter is sweet relief for itchy skin. Brown sugar gently exfoliates dry patches and dead skin and oils like sweet almond, primrose, apricot kernel, and sunflower to provide plenty of grease-free hydration. Scrub away your itchy skin with this safe, sweet treat.

If you’re a nursing mom or mom to be, safety matters. 

It’s refreshing to find brands you can trust to be safe and Healthy Mama is proud to support all the safety standards of Beauty Counter products.

After all, what mom doesn’t love one less thing to worry about?




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