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Learn why it’s the must have, all-natural, caffeine-free energy drink for every pregnant and nursing women!


Health and Wellness Solutions to Combat Pregnancy Symptoms

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Choose the Safest* Medicine During Pregnancy

We can’t stop people from touching your belly, but we can help you deal with almost anything else! Welcome to healthy mama® brand, the first complete line of over the counter health and wellness solutions that are safest during pregnancy and nursing. When it comes to pregnancy, let’s face it…being pregnant isn’t all bliss. From aches and pains, to cramps and constipation, feeling well, rested and confident about the remedies you take during pregnancy and nursing is so important. Our mission is to provide you the safest* medicine that you and your doctor can trust. healthy mama® brand is the only complete brand of FDA accepted remedies that provides pregnant and nursing women with the safest* solutions to common ailments because all women deserve to feel healthy and happy during pregnancy and nursing.