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Tired during pregnancy?

Put some pep back in your step! Our DELICIOUS Boost it Up! Caffeine Free Protein+ Energy Drink Mix will help eliminate the feeling of being tired during pregnancy (and beyond) as well as ease morning sickness. It contains a delicious blend of Protein, B-Vitamins, Ginger, Electrolytes, and Fiber. Developed with Nutritionists, Boost it Up! Mango Ginger is the perfect natural low calorie/low sugar drink to help put some pep in your step during pregnancy, nursing and any time before or beyond.

  • Optimize energy with B-Vitamins to eliminate being tired during pregnancy and nursing
  • 7g Protein helps provide energy and can also help reduce morning sickness
  • Reduce nausea with ginger, clinically proven to help reduce morning sickness
  • Hydrate, reduce fluid retention and ease leg cramping with electrolytes (about same amount as Gatorade without artificial ingredients and sugar)
  • 3g Fiber Supports digestive maintenance
  • Low Calorie/Low Sugar: only 6g Organic Sugar and 70 calories per packet

Each carton contains (6) 20g packets

Have Questions? We have answers.

Q: How will Boost It Up!™ provide more energy and prevent nausea? What other benefits will I receive from it?

A: Boost It Up!™ is rich in B-vitamins to support optimal energy and ginger to reduce nausea. It also contains electrolytes to maintain optimal hydration, reduce fluid retention, and ease leg cramping, protein to build your body’s and your baby’s cells and fiber to support healthy digestive health.

Q: Is Boost It Up!™ vegetarian or vegan?

A: Boost It Up!™ contains Whey protein so there are some vegetarians who consider it okay and others who do not. Please use your discretion. There are no other animal bi-products.

Q: How is Boost It Up! ™ different from other energy drinks on the market?

A: Boost It Up!™ was developed in collaboration with leading OBGYN and Prenatal nutritionists. This energy and anti-nausea drink is rich in B-vitamins, ginger, protein, electrolytes and fiber and provides a delicious way to stay hydrated without added artificial sweeteners and low in calories.

Q: How do I store Boost It Up!™?

A: You can either store unopened Boost It Up!™ in the refrigerator or at room temperature. But it is best to drink chilled.

Q: I’m experiencing morning sickness. Actually, all day sickness! Will Boost it Up!™ help?

A: Boost it Up! ™ is a great option for mamas experiencing morning sickness. If you are feeling sick you may be dehydrated and instead of opting for high sugar beverages with empty calories, Boost it Up! ™ offers a refreshing, nutritious option. Some pregnant women who experience nausea may not be getting enough protein. Boost it Up! ™ provides 7 grams of protein. Also, Boost it Up! ™ Mango has ginger, which has been clinically proven to help reduce nausea.

Q: Why does Boost It Up! ™ contain protein?

A: During pregnancy and nursing, the amount of protein your body needs increases – many women find it challenging to get all the protein required, especially if they’re feeling nauseated. Providing 7 grams of protein helps to reach the recommended goal of 70 g per day.

Q: Why does Boost It Up!™ contain fiber?

A: For pregnant women, dietary fiber is an especially beneficial component of a balanced diet. A pregnant woman should be getting about 25 grams of dietary fiber per day. Adding dietary fiber to your diet can decrease constipation and lower blood pressure. Increasing your dietary fiber during the first trimester may also reduce pregnancy risks. A report in the American Journal of Hypertension found that increasing the amount of fiber in the diet of study participants reduced the risk of preeclampsia (a potentially fatal condition caused by elevated blood pressure).

Q: Why does your Pom Cherry Flavor have Vitamin D?

A: Vitamin D is an important nutrient for pregnant and nursing women. It is an essential vitamin for mom and baby. Vitamin D helps with bone development for baby and may help with your immune function. Many women do not get their daily recommended value and Boost it Up! ™ Pom Cherry is another source. You should check with your healthcare provider to find out how much is recommended for you. Visit our partner, American Pregnancy Association, to learn more about the importance of Vitamin D.

Q: Is Gatorade safe to drink while pregnant?

A: Gatorade often has dyes, high sugar, and sodium and is not all-natural. We recommend you check with your healthcare provider. Boost it Up!™ can be a healthy alternative.

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