Fun Fall Activities To Do While Pregnant

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Pregnant woman at pumpkin patch Healthy Mama Brand

Pregnancy changes nearly every aspect of a woman’s life: what we eat, what we wear, how we move, and can greatly impact our overall mental and physical health. With the changing of the seasons, it’s easy to get upset thinking that we can’t celebrate and partake in all the activities we were able to before becoming pregnant. Thankfully, there are still plenty of fun fall activities to enjoy that are perfectly safe during your pregnancy!

Fall Activities To Do Outside During Your Pregnancy

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Visiting an Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch

When thinking about activities that are sure to get you into the spirit of fall, what first comes to mind? Of course, visiting an apple orchard or pumpkin patch! These are the perfect activities to get you out of the house and in nature to take in the first sights, smells, and sounds of fall. And let’s not forget how adorable the family photos will look, pregnancy belly and all! As an added bonus, the apples and pumpkins that you pick can be used in other fall activities we’ll be talking about later on!

Taking a Nature Hike

Throughout the duration of your pregnancy, it is important to keep an active lifestyle where you can. One of the simplest ways to stay healthy and active, especially as you progress further along in your pregnancy, is by going on walks or hiking. What better time to get outside and take a hike through nature than in fall, one of the most beautiful seasons? The crisp air, changing leaves, and comfortable clothing are all ingredients for a perfect day immersed in nature with loved ones.

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Taking a Leisurely Bike Ride

Another way to keep active during your pregnancy is by taking a leisurely bike ride around your neighborhood or on a nature trail. Much like going on a nature hike, a bike ride in the fall is riddled with the beauty of the season. You can opt to do this fall activity solo or with friends, but make sure you take it slow, stay alert, and wear a helmet. While a nature hike can be done regardless of how far along you are in your pregnancy, a bike ride will become progressively more difficult and uncomfortable the larger your bump grows. For your safety and comfort, it’s probably best to partake in this fall fun while you’re still in the first trimester.

Fall Activities To Do At Home During Your Pregnancy

Carving Pumpkins

Perhaps the number one staple activity for fall is carving pumpkins with the family. Whether you just got back from a fun-filled day picking the pumpkins yourself at a local farm, or you opted to pick them up from your local grocery store, the excitement of pumpkin carving can be felt by those of any age. Choosing your design can feel almost as overwhelming as choosing your child’s name, but thankfully, you can’t really go wrong with either. Carving pumpkins can be a great fall activity to do while pregnant as it keeps you on your feet and surrounded by friends and family. Maybe this year you can even dedicate your carving to your little bundle of joy!

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Baking a Pie

So you’ve returned home from picking apples and gathering pumpkins, and it’s time to fill the kitchen with one of the signature scents of fall: apple pie! Another incredibly popular fall activity is baking, baking, and more baking. Apple, pumpkin, cherry, blueberry, boysenberry – so many pies to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Don’t forget that during your pregnancy you’re eating for two, so why not feed them delicious baked goods you’ve made yourself? Get the entire family involved, blast some music, and have a great time!

Movie Night with Popcorn

The Coronavirus pandemic has shut down a plethora of businesses, including movie theaters. As a result, many of the films that were scheduled to be released this year have been pushed straight to digital, either on streaming platforms or for purchase or renting. As a pregnant mama, your views may align with those who prefer to watch the latest blockbuster crazes from the comfort of their home as opposed to a crowded theater. And what could be better than finishing out a long day of fall activities than gathering together to relax with a new movie? If your children are older, or if it’s just you and your partner having a date night, fall is the perfect season to delve into the horror genre! Just be careful – you might want to choose something a little more lighthearted if you’re experiencing pregnancy sickness.

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Curling Up with a Good Book

Who says that all fun fall activities need to be done with other people? Sometimes a hard-working mama needs time to unwind and destress by herself in whatever way she chooses to do so! Pregnancy alone is exhausting, much less being pregnant while also being a full-time mama. Fall is the perfect season for a comfortable chair, a giant blanket, and a page-turning book. Set aside time for yourself each day to get cracking on your reading list – we know you’ve been meaning to!

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