7 Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

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Being pregnant can make some tasks harder like tying your shoes or sleeping. At Healthy Mama, we want to make sure all the pregnant moms out there don’t miss out on upcoming Halloween festivities, including finding the perfect costume. Keep reading for 7 awesome pregnant Halloween costume ideas:

1 – Winnie The Pooh

Being pregnant may not be glamorous but you could definitely find joy in dressing up as your favorite bear from the 100 Acre Woods. You could quite possibly also be Kanga and pretend you are carrying little Roo. Healthy Mama knows that Pooh Bear isn’t in the healthiest of shapes, but keep taking your vitamins, and everything will make for a great Halloween. 

2 – Avocado

Avocados were trending not too long ago. They were seen everywhere from avocado toast, clothes, and memes. Avocados really have become a pop culture icon and they are also extremely healthy. Healthline states that eating Avocados are beneficial for pregnant women because they are low in carbs, have healthy fats, and contain lots of good fiber. They can also help with leveling blood sugar and cholesterol. So, for Halloween, be an Avocado, and your pregnant belly can be the pit. 

3 – Violet Beauregarde From Willy Wonka

Halloween is all about the candy. Being pregnant may mean you have to skip out on some of your favorite treats but that doesn’t mean you can’t honor the chocolate wonderland that is Willy Wonka. Have a bit of fun and paint yourself violet with matching violet clothes. Maybe one day you can dress your baby up as an oompa loompa to complete the look and your partner might agree to being Willy Wonka on Halloween.

4 – Pokéball

We know some of you Healthy Mamas may be Pokémon fans. With the baby still in the belly, you could simply grab a white shirt and paint a Pokéball on it to cover your pregnant belly. Maybe you didn’t catch em’ all but you definitely caught the only Pokémon that really matters. This is a great last minute Halloween costume idea.

5 – Pumpkin Smuggler

Okay, maybe you don’t have a specific costume idea and you just love all things pumpkins. You’re all about that pumpkin spice that you end up stealing a pumpkin or two and hide them under your top. No, these aren’t pumpkins, officer. I’m just pregnant. Put on your best burglar outfit and paint a pumpkin over the belly.

6 – Wilson

If you don’t get the reference, let us explain. Remember that movie, “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks? Yeah, your pregnant belly could be the volleyball that is Wilson with painted face and all. All you Healthy Mama movie fanatics will be sure to appreciate this Halloween costume idea.

7 – Gumball Machine

Gumball machines are a classic. Maybe when you Healthy Mamas were younger, you remember spending a quarter for that gumball that lost its flavor after a minute. Now you can relive your childhood and dress up as one for Halloween. Your pregnant belly makes for the perfect gumball machine. All you need is a colored variety of cotton balls and a red beret for the top of your head and you are set. Check out more Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas.

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