What to Consider When Writing Your Birth Plan

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It is normal to worry about your baby’s due date. Giving birth is a challenge and can be unpredictable. But, a birth plan can help you iron out some of the details you may not be thinking of at the moment and can help take the worry out of your labor and delivery.

Things to Consider When Writing Your Own Birth Plan

Delivery Room

Possibly the most important question – where do you want to give birth? You want to give birth in a place that makes you feel the most comfortable. Do you want to be at home or in a hospital? Be aware that at-home deliveries can lead to a hospital transfer if complications arise, while a hospital has the necessary equipment if any emergencies come up. Make sure to speak with your doctor for recommendations.

The Atmosphere

You’ll want to hammer out the details on what you believe the best atmosphere will be for your birth. Do you want the lights dimmed, a specific room, or music? Adjusting the atmosphere of the hospital room or at home can make it feel more safe and relaxed as you give birth.


Make a list of everyone you want in the delivery room. Note that this may be different with new COVID-19 regulations in hospitals. Talk with the delivery hospital ahead of time. It may end up being you and your partner but you can still make a list of family and friends you want to visit when you arrive at home. It may also help to have someone assigned to run any errands for you.

Pain Management

Giving birth is no easy task. We are proud of all our Healthy Mama’s that gave birth to beautiful babies. Some Healthy Mama’s choose to have a natural birth with no medication. Here are suggestions that can help minimize pain during a natural delivery:

  • Activity: Try walking around, switching positions, or rocking in a chair.
  • Breathing: Focus and make sure your breaths are slow and steady during contractions.
  • Aromatherapy: Some essential oils may reduce your anxiety during labor. Messaging oils into the skin can help relieve your pain.
  • Water: Many Healthy Mama’s may find that laying in warm water can help relieve pain and relax your muscles. You may even opt for a water birth.

If you decide to go the medication route, epidurals are great. An epidural can block pain by injecting a local anesthetic into the epidural space of your spine, as described by PregnancyBirth&Baby. This will help reduce pain during contractions and allows you to stay awake to hear your baby during a c-section.

Healthy Mama Pregnancy Pain Management

We know that pain doesn’t begin at labor. For most Healthy Mama’s, pregnancy is a rollercoaster of ups and downs. To soothe your problem, we offer products that help mama’s manage pain relief during and after pregnancy.

Shake That Ache! Pregnancy Pain Relief

Pregnancy may cause backaches, headaches, upset stomach, breast tenderness, and more. Our OBGYN-approved Shake That Ache! Pregnancy Pain Relief can alleviate these pains. It is safe to take and can help treat Mastitis (inflammation of breast tissue). So go on and Shake That Ache!

Soothe Those Suckers! Soothing Nipple Spray

Breastfeeding can make your nipples sore and chapped. Feeding your baby is an intimate time for Healthy Mama’s and should feel comfortable. For our Breastfeeding Healthy Mama’s, our Soothe Those Suckers! Soothing Nipple Spray is excellent for soreness caused by breastfeeding. A spray is perfect for hands-free applications and is completely safe for mama and baby. No rinse required, and safe for ingestion. 

Healthy Mama offers plenty of other products to make your pregnancy and post-natal health easier. Read our story and join the Healthy Mama family!

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