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Pregnant women may overestimate risk of some drugs

(Reuters Health) – Pregnant women are often steering clear of drugs that might ease problems like nausea and urinary tract infections even though the treatments may be safe, a U.K. study suggests. Researchers surveyed 1,120 […]

4 Surprising Foods That Affect Your Baby During and After Pregnancy

Your body goes through a host of changes in pregnancy—as does your diet. You shore up on nutrients you need more of (folate, iron), cut back on options you need less of (refined sugars, caffeine), […]

The FDA Warns That A Common Yeast Infection Drug Can Increase The Risk Of Miscarriage

Yeast infections, which are a common annoyance for many women, are especially common during pregnancy. And new research finds that one of the standard treatments could be dangerous for developing babies. The Food and Drug Administration […]

For This Mom, The Breastfeeding Struggle is Real

Elaina Bellis is a mom and art director with a gorgeously curated Instagram account—but she decided to get really real on her page recently, exposing a truth about motherhood that isn’t hidden behind a sepia filter. […]

Why Adele grew a beard: Facial hair and other pregnancy symptoms explained

Pregnant women are quick to discuss the stretch marks, indigestion and swollen feet that plague them for the entire time they are carrying their little bundle of joy. But what about the more strange and […]